[UP East] 17th September (B’day) – Nawabgarh & Beeghapur

I visited the following two towns :

1. Nawabgarh:

Nawabgarh is situated 45 kms from Lucknow on the NH 25. It is located right in the middle of Lucknow and Kanpur. It’s population is less than 1,00,000. The highway leading up to the town is smooth. The town has one main road which has small shops on both the sides of the road.

2. Beeghapur:

Beeghapur comes under Unnao district. It is located 20 kms from Unnao bypass on the highway. The road leading to the town is well laid out and the scenery is beautiful. When you take the left turn on the bypass to enter the approach road, you are greeted by a stretch of almost 4-5 kms where you’re riding under a roof made by the trees on both the side of the road touching each other on the top. There are a couple of dilapidated structures on the left hand side of the road consisting of old school buildings, other than this there are just fields throughout the stretch till Beeghapur. A town called Achalpur comes in between. The town starts and ends on the same road with very small shops selling anything from electrical items to sweets, samosas, tailors, repair shops etc. Beeghapur is a very small town having a single road branching out into residential areas and the shops. There must be around 4-5 small electronic counters in the city selling anything from fans to sewing machines to small home appliances, electrical shops, stationary etc.

Rural U.P is beautiful. It is carpeted with lush green fields, tall trees on both the sides of the road, a canal or two running across the fields.